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  • Building Announcements

    7/11/2016 - About the BRC
    Here is a short informational video about the BRC.
  • Networking Opportunities

    1/11/2016 - BRC Party Pics
    Enjoy photos from 2016 BRC functions!
  • Upcoming Events

    10/4/2016 - CTBP Seminar
    Lisa Manning, 12:30pm, BRC Room 1060 A/B

    10/4/2016 - Bioengineering Colloquium
    SCAPE microscopy for high-speed 3D imaging of living things, 4pm, BRC 280

    9/30/2016 - Keck Seminar
    Josephine Ferreon, Baylor College of Medicine, 4-6pm, BRC Auditorium

    9/29/2016 - MedTech Industry Seminar
    William E. Cohen, Baylor and St Luke's Medical, 4pm, BRC 286

    9/29/2016 - Bioengineering Seminar
    Sarah Mojarad, Caltech, 4pm, BRC Auditorium
  • Building Venues

    For detailed information regarding the venues available in the BRC, please click here!