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BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC)

6500 Main Street
Houston, TX 77030-1402

Building hours: 7AM-6PM, Monday-Friday
Parking garage hours: 6AM-10PM daily
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BRC Directory

Michael D. Smith, Director of Operations 713-348-8400  mdsmith@rice.edu 1025
BRC Staff      
Camy Noelck, Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu 1030F
Frank Rodriguez, Business Manager 713-348-8140 jfrank.rodriguez@rice.edu 1030G
Monica Frydl, Facilities Supervisor 713-348-8410 brc-fsc@rice.edu 1030B
Julie Palmer, Events Specialist 713-348-8407 brc-events@rice.edu   1030H
Environmental Health & Safety      
Petko Ivanov, Safety Specialist 713-348-8801  pi3@rice.edu 1023
Pete Quan, Security Supervisor 713-348-8600  pete.quan@rice.edu Security Desk

BRC Information Guide

Emergency (fire, medical, environmental) Security Desk 713-348-8600  
Billing, leasing information Business Manager 713-348-8140 jfrank.rodriguez@rice.edu 
BRC Residents e-mail list Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu
Card readers, ID cards Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu
Classrooms (Rice) Registrar’s Office 713-348-4999 registrar@rice.edu
Custodial services Facilities Supervisor 713-348-8410 brc-fsc@rice.edu
Desk key requests Events Specialist 713-348-8407 jlp6@rice.edu
Environmental health & safety Safety Specialist 713-348-8801 pi3@rice.edu
Facilities repair & maintenance Facilities Supervisor 713-348-8410 brc-fsc@rice.edu
Key requests Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu
Hazardous waste disposal Safety Specialist 713-348-8801 pi3@rice.edu
IT Help Desk (Rice) IT Help Desk 713-348-4357 helpdesk@rice.edu
Lost & found Security Desk 713-348-8600 pete.quan@rice.edu
Mail boxes/slots Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu
Parking permits (Rice) Parking Office 713-348-2020 parking@rice.edu
Parking permits (tenants) Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu
Room reservations, events Events Specialist 713-348-8407 brc-events@rice.edu
Shared Equipment Authority SEA Research Scientist 713-348-8207 angelo@rice.edu
Shipping & receiving, loading dock VWR Stockroom 713-348-8300/8301 david_altreche@vwr.com 
Supply stockroom VWR Stockroom 713-348-8300/8301 david_altreche@vwr.com 
TMC/BRC shuttle info. Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu
Tours Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu 
Vending Machines Events Specialist 713-348-8407 jlp6@rice.edu
Website info, digital signs Assistant Director 713-348-8415 camy@rice.edu

BRC Venue Usage

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Rice Shuttle - BRC/TMC Route

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